The ability to measure noise, vibrations and displacements without contact can be useful in a wide variety of fields, expecially where conventional approaches (which typically involve accelerometers) are not applicable.

Thanks to its versatility, the Self Mixing Laser Vibrometer is easily configurable according to specific measurements needs. Both industrial and research challenges can be rised, such as:

  • - vibration measurements without mass-loading on small and delicate structures (loudspeakers, piezoactuators, MEMS prototypes…)
  • - Eccentricity evaluation of rotating tools (hard disks, spindles, wheels, turbines…)
  • - Automotive and Aerospace testing (modal analysis, brakes system monitoring, noise…)
  • - On–line process control (planarity, rougthness, defects…)
  • - Motion control  (alignment, distance, speed, acceleration… )
  • - Machinery Condition Monitoring (safety, predictive maintainance…)
  • - End-of-line testing (quality control…)
  • - Non-destructive tests (material analysis, structural integrity of buildings…)
  • - Musical instruments analysis (tuning, sound wave distorsion…)
  • - Human body Physiological Condition Monitoring (electrodeless medical/cardiovascular screening…)
  • - Artworks and cultural heritages conservation

…and more.