Non-contact vibration measurements are crucial whenever the solid object under test cannot be accessed directly and/or conventional contact sensors (accelerometers) are not recommended, as in the following cases:
- the structure to be tested is lightweight (piezo-transducer, loudspeaker membrane)
- the object under test is at high temperature
- the object under test is rotating
- the operator wants to avoid the time-consuming and critical procedure of gluing the accelerometer to the object under test
Julight supplies two series of products for the measurement of the vibration of a remote object without contact to its surface.

Laser Vibrometers

Julight Laser Vibrometers are based on the novel Self-Mixing interferometric configuration, and  allow easy and accurate non–contact vibration measurements on all rough and diffusive surfaces (e.g.: unfinished metal, plastic, rubber, paper, fabric, etc.), and are also suited for underwater operation. A very small optical head is the distinctive feature of Julight Laser Vibrometers, with size of 105mm x 70mm […]

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Valve Motion Measurement for Automotive Engine

Julight ​Laser Valve Motion Measurement for Automotive Engine are compact systems for the precise and easy measurement of the valvetrain motion. The LVM1000 includes one laser head for accurate valve displacement measurement, based on the triangulation principle. The internal analog electronic processing circuits provide three simultaneous, real-time outputs: displacement, velocity, acceleration. Thus, there is no need to calculate velocity and acceleration […]

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Triangulation Laser Distance Sensors

Julight designs and manufactures SPECIALTY LASER SENSORS for distance and vibration measurements, based on the well-known and reliable laser triangulation principle. Julight’s sensor are developed according to customer’s needs, and offer exceptionally high value for money. Julight’s Laser Triangulation Sensor are designed  to achieve a wide electrical bandwidth (up to 100kHz), while keeping a compact […]

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DAQ – Data Acquisition System

Julight VSM Laser Vibrometers can be equipped with a data acquisition system (DAQ) that is controlled by the remote control software. For VSM SCAN models it can also be integrated with a modal analysis software suite. DAQ – Data Acquisition System Specifications

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