Triangulation Laser Distance Sensors

Name BandwidthWorking DistanceLaser ClassDatasheet
LT2004-20k 20kHz 20 mm 2
LT1505-1000k 1MHz 15 mm 3B
LT1505-1000k-HR 1MHz 15 mm 3B

Julight designs and manufactures SPECIALTY LASER SENSORS for distance and vibration measurements, based on the well-known and reliable laser triangulation principle. Julight’s sensor are developed according to customer’s needs, and offer exceptionally high value for money.

Julight’s Laser Triangulation Sensor are designed  to achieve a wide electrical bandwidth (up to 100kHz), while keeping a compact size and high sensitivity. They are particularly recommended to measure the vibration of rotating targets because they are not negatively affected by speckle-pattern effects, contrarily to the LDV interferometric approach.

Julight’s triangulation sensors have been tested to measure vibration and eccentricity of small tools (electrodes for micro-EDM, with diameters from 0.3 to 3mm) rotating at speeds up to 30000rpm.
For short-range sensors, the sensitivity reaches the value of 10nm noise-equivalent displacement for 1Hz bandwidth.