Vibration measurements of different types of cement

Analysis of dense cements and related materials such as polymer cement concrete (PCC) is significant to produce original innovative components for different types of building and structures. These materials can present elevated functional proprieties (e.g. ageing resistance, cracks formation, durability, hardness and stability of mechanical modules) and they can be used for various purposes, for instance as corrosion resistive coatings for cement constructions.
Experimental tests were performed by using Julight laser vibrometer VSM 100 serie on different samples in order to identify the vibration and resonant characteristic parameters. The obtained results allow carrying out analysis of the resonance modes for each investigated sample, thus contributing to discriminate the various natures of the considered PCCs [1].

[1] M. Rogante, G. Capelli, I.K. Domanskaya, Laser interferometry investigation of polymer cement concrete samples for vibration measurements, Proc. 3rd Int. Conf. “Mechanical Technologies and Structural Materials” MTMS2013, Split, Croatia, 26-27 Sept. 2013, D. Živković, Ed., Croatian Society for Mechanical Technologies, Split, Croatia (2013), ISSN 1847-7917, pp. 69-77.

Experimental set-up used for the measurements.
Example of the results obtained. The upper graph is the vibrational signal measured on the sample following an instantaneous excitement of the vibration modes while the middle and lower graph are related to the instants in which the excitement has been given.