Contactless vibration measurements on 5 kW power transformer

Vibration measurements are extremely important in industrial fields in order to test the quality of a product or the similarity between the project and the final product and to detect local defects during the casting process. Traditional techniques are well represented by accelerometers that allow to measure the acceleration of the displacement/vibration. Their main problem is that they must be glued onto the surface under test, with two big consequences: 1) variation in the physical characteristics of the object under test when its size are small; 2) difficulty bonding on some targets, for example on small or hot surfaces.
Nowadays, the laser techniques are widely used in the industrial and laboratory environments to measure displacement, velocity, vibration and distance with high accuracy and a very simple arrangement. These techniques have several advantages such as: 1) allow to perform contactless and non-invasive measurements; 2) the laser spot is generally very small (about hundreds of micrometers) allowing measurements also on small objects or in places not easily accessible; 3) allow to perform measurements also on hot objects.
Julight laser vibrometers VSM serie can be easily used both as industrial device both for laboratory and research activities. For example it is used with success for the characterization and measurements of the vibrations of a power transformer charged with different loads from 0 kW up to 5 kW.
The following pictures report an example of the results obtained.

Power Transformer_100 Hz

Power Transformer